2013 KP Recap

No i didn't get that big break, but nonetheless, some dope progress was made in 2013.

Started this year with writing The Lost Son Of Miles Davis, So much went into the development of this album. So many concepts, Hard Jazzy samples, Prison Stories, Sick Freestyles, Soulful Singing, Dancing, Political Talk, Ideas, Shit that don't make sense and attempts to educate my listeners.

We are all aware of Trayvon Martin, (Not to take away from the importance of his tragedy may his soul rest in peace) but other People, mostly Teens, lives were taken this year. cases in which didn't make national news. Hadiyah Pendleton was shot and killed while standing inside Harsh Park in Chicago. It was suspected She was mistaken for a gang member. The case "only" received mainstream-media attention because the Obama's were involved.  Mentioned her in the song Moment Of Silence, 2nd Verse.

"Praying For Hadiyah, can her mother be any stronger"

Others incidents were The Cincinnati Riots mentioned in Beautiful ♪♫♪ and Kimani Grey mentioned in Fine Wine. The whole album is filled with stuff i could go on and on about. Interpret it for yourself.


Visuals have been important this year.  Videos done by my connects out in the United Kingdom, The #LiveInTheDormRoom Series was going strong, Almost 50 videos strong and counting. You can see the hair transition from the big natural, oo how its missed. #Liveinthedormroom has generated a nice youtube fan base. (Shoutout to them) New episodes are coming soon. Collaboration with Otrocity resulted in the Bullcity Maniac.

The Open Mic World Tour!! That is how you keep an independent/underground artist busy. did open mics in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham and Winston Salem. Next year i might just surprise a local venue near you.

GrindHard Radio made me a co-host. Never expected that but its a great oppertunity to get some practice under my belt. Homies be wildin on the show, My first and only show so far was straight but once i get the feel for it. Best believe ima turn it up a notch.

#Liveinthedormroom Bury Me A G!

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Received so much blog support you gotta love it, you can just google the name and see how they go hard for ya boy. still motha fuckas dont believe, they got it. For the sake of not rambling on about my 2013, im going to end it here. New Years Resolutions are hard to keep, but if you haven't already how about this one. Fall in love with the process of becoming great (Yea that's stolen from a Blake Griffin Commercial). You have to love performing for virtually noone, doing small gigs and putting yourself out there. If not, when that time comes, Are you going to be ready? Happy New Years!

Kevin Patterson