Why Bullcity Maniac??

Recorded twenty songs for the Lost Son Of Miles Davis project. WTF made me pick this particular track to be my first solo video (although it features my homie Dynasty) and the lead video for the tape? It's not my personal favorite and i wouldn't even categorize it in the top 5. If the rest of the songs were in left field this one would be all the way in the right. but someone how it just feels sooo right.   

The track is so gritty and more of a statement then a anthem. THIS IS NOT AN ANTHEM, but will it serve as one? At one point years ago i tried to create a coalition of Bullcity rappers. we would all have a stronger chance of accomplishing if we worked together. 

Yet it was either their Ego, they thought my shit was whack or whatever reason. couldn't get anyone to jump aboard. couldn't get anyone to help KdotP.

Took Four years Back on my throne like Shao Kahn, Yall got the game all wrong and im dead on, Aint giving back to the roots that supported your growth, aint support KP but i still kept my oath, BULLCITY Maniac Till I DIE
— JustKP - Bullcity Maniac 2
On set of Bullcity Maniac

On set of Bullcity Maniac

Not being Cocky, Not being Egotistical, but i took years off and worked hard at this and now I proclaim the spot that these other "rappers" denied me of. It was only right that i put my Nigga Dynasty Official on here because i know he feel some type of way too. been doing the shit in the Bull as long as I and he delivered a monster verse.

in conclusion, my second verse was all else I'm going to speak on any record about it and to Bullcity rappers and non-believers.

919 Thats The G-Code, You know this shit gon explode, Why you hatin?
— JustKP - BullCity Maniac
Flyer For Videoshoot

Flyer For Videoshoot

Kevin Patterson