Return to Chapel Hill

Fucked up reputation or Confused discrimination, either fuckin way man I’m runnin out of patience.
— JustKP - Fuckin The Same - Lost Son Of Miles Davis

Local 506 recently held an open Mic and it was a nice appearance. Many acts  have had the opportunity performing at this venue, including Macklemore before his recent breakout. The venue, a very underground style venue with bar and portrait. dirty walls, not so clean floor and the speaker sat on a fold-able table. No real stage so I am eye level with the audience. Despite what it lacked, what it did provide was a "you belong here" feeling.  Wasn't a huge audience just a couple of also performing acts but hey gotta get it where I can. A little tipsy off Soco lime, I can't lie I felt just a little nervous. I mean shit, I've performed in front of hundreds previously no problem. The small area and less people makes it feel more personal. I have to create off the head explanations for my songs but got chuckles out of people. It's a lot easier to look out into the audience and see no real particular person just masses as opposed to seeing someone staring directly into your eyes. So for this performance I decided to close my eyes and vibe to my own music. probably wasn't the best idea from a spectators point of view but it was a learning experience.

Performing Fuckin The Same

decided to perform three tracks,   "Fuckin The Same, Gahdamn and  Ride slow"

Could have provided a better show, but got me all ready for a rematch with Local 506